Amazon Seller Account Deactivated vs. Suspended: Difference

Amazon Account Deactivated vs Suspended: What’s The Difference?
Regarding Amazon accounts, the terms “deactivated” and “suspended” are frequently used interchangeably, leading to confusion. But there is actually no substantial difference between the two. Want to learn more? Continue reading this blog.   We will delve into the world of Amazon account deactivations or suspensions, shedding light on the true nature of these actions and providing you with essential insights to navigate these challenges effectively.

What is Amazon Seller Account Suspension? 

Amazon seller account suspension is a temporary state where sellers are prohibited from conducting their usual business operations due to suspected violations of regulations or business policies.   The implications of an account suspension are significant, as it entails the loss of selling privileges and renders funds inaccessible. Sellers must take action within 90 days of receiving the suspension notice, which outlines the reason for the suspension.   Some common reasons for suspension include: 
  • Poor customer experience based on negative reviews 
  • Consistent failure to meet performance targets 
  • Selling counterfeit items infringing upon another seller’s intellectual property 
  • Failing to deliver orders on time, whether through Amazon FBA or seller-fulfilled methods 
The negative impact of account suspension on a seller’s business cannot be understated, making it crucial for sellers to understand the reasons behind a suspended Amazon account and take proactive measures to prevent such disruptions.  

Understanding Amazon Account Deactivation 

Deactivation of an Amazon Seller Account entails a complete shutdown, prohibiting any activity and potentially erasing stored information and assets. This includes removing painstakingly crafted product listings, resulting in a loss of visibility and potential sales.   Account deactivation, like suspension, can be appealed, and if successful, sellers can have their accounts reinstated by presenting a strong plan of action and supporting documentation to establish trustworthiness; utilizing the expertise of an agency can greatly aid in navigating this complex process.  Despite the difference in terminology, you must understand that the consequences of account deactivation and suspension are strikingly similar, ultimately leading to the loss of selling privileges and the need for remedial action to restore a seller’s operations on the platform. 

Amazon Account Deactivated vs Suspended: Is There Really a Difference? 

There is a prevalent misconception and confusion surrounding the terms “deactivated” and “suspended” regarding Amazon accounts. These terms are often used interchangeably, and there is no practical distinction between them.  
A deactivated and suspended account lead to the loss of selling privileges, requiring sellers to take remedial actions to reinstate their accounts. Whether your account is deactivated or suspended, the implications and steps to resolve the issue remain fundamentally the same.  

What to Do If Your Seller Account Gets Suspended

If your Amazon seller account gets suspended or deactivated, follow these concise steps to increase your chances of reinstating your selling privileges: 
  1. Go to Seller Central and navigate to the Performance tab.
  2. Click on “Account Health” from the menu. 
  3. Click “Reactivate Your Suspended Account” on your Account Health Page at the top. 
  4. Follow the instructions provided, which may include submitting a plan of action and supporting documentation. 
  5. Click “Submit” to send your reinstatement request. 
  6. Monitor your inbox closely, as the Amazon Seller Performance team typically responds within two days. 
If only specific listings are deactivated while your account remains active, carefully review the reasons for the deactivation. To appeal for the reinstatement of those listings, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to Seller Central, access the Performance tab, and click “Account Health.” 
  2. Choose the specific issue in the Product Policy Compliance column. 
  3. Follow the instructions, which may involve providing additional details about the affected product listings to ensure compliance with Amazon’s Policy and Terms of Service. 
  4. Draft and submit an appeal letter containing your comprehensive plan of action. 
  5. Continuously monitor your inbox for the final decision from Amazon. 
Following these steps and promptly addressing the issues can increase your chances of successfully reinstating your Amazon seller account or getting your deactivated listings back in action. 

Monitor and Improve Account Health Rating to Prevent Suspension  

Monitoring and maintaining a good account health rating is crucial for preventing both the suspension and deactivation of your Amazon seller account.   A healthy account rating demonstrates your commitment to adhering to Amazon’s policies and delivering a positive customer experience. Key factors that influence account health include: 
  • Order defect rate 
  • Late shipment rate 
  • Valid tracking rate 
  • Customer feedback metrics 
To improve your account health and mitigate the risk of suspension, here are things you must keep in mind: 
  • Providing excellent customer service 
  • Ensuring timely shipments 
  • Resolving customer issues promptly 
  • Closely monitoring your performance metrics 
  • Regularly monitor your account health dashboard 
  • Address any issues promptly 
  • Proactively take steps to improve your performance.  
By prioritizing account health, you can minimize the likelihood of suspension or deactivation and maintain a thriving Amazon seller account. 

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The distinction between “deactivated” and “suspended” Amazon accounts is merely semantic, ultimately leading to the same consequences. To safeguard your business and enhance your reinstatement prospects, you must vigilantly monitor your account health and proactively adhere to Amazon’s policies.  Professional experts specializing in Amazon account suspensions have the knowledge and experience to navigate the appeals process effectively.   At SellerAppeal, we can help you craft a strong Plan of Action, provide guidance on gathering supporting documentation, and present a compelling case to Amazon. Don’t let setbacks hold you down. Take proactive steps today to regain control and propel your Amazon account towards success.   

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