Complete Guide in Writing an Amazon Appeal Letter

Step by Step Guide: How to Write an Appeal Letter to Amazon

Navigating the intricate world of Amazon as a seller can be lucrative, connecting you with countless customers worldwide. However, the path isn’t always smooth, and you may find your seller account suspended for various reasons.

If this happens, don’t lose hope; an Amazon appeal letter can be your lifeline. Don’t know what it is and how to make one? We got you.

In this blog, we will discuss the complexities of suspended seller accounts on Amazon and provide a step-by-step roadmap on how to write an appeal letter for Amazon that can revive your business.

Amazon Account Suspended

What Leads to Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

Amazon enforces strict policies that sellers must adhere to when managing their accounts and product listings. Failure to comply can lead to suspension.

Understanding the reasons behind your suspension is vital before initiating an appeal, as it enables you to address the issue effectively. Here are common causes:

1. Product Guideline Violation

Selling prohibited items or failing to meet product condition standards can result in suspending your Amazon seller account.

2. Negative Feedback or Complaints

A high volume of negative feedback or complaints about product quality, customer service, or shipping delays is a leading cause of suspension.

3. Late Shipments or Order Cancellations

Repeatedly failing to ship orders on time or canceling them post-purchase erodes customer trust and can result in suspension.

4. Counterfeit Sales

Offering counterfeit products or misrepresenting their origin brands you as untrustworthy and invites negative reviews.

5. Policy Violations and Suspicious Activity

Engaging in suspicious account behavior, such as review manipulation or violating Amazon’s multi-account policy, can also lead to suspension.

The first step toward reinstatement is being aware of the reasons behind Amazon seller account suspensions. Addressing these issues in your appeal is crucial for a successful account recovery.

How Do I Write an Amazon Appeal Letter

How Do I Write an Amazon Appeal Letter?

Wondering how to tackle the task of writing an Amazon suspension appeal letter? Let’s explore and clarify the process.

1. Begin with a Strong Introduction

Begin your appeal letter with a brief self-introduction. Include your seller account name and emphasize Amazon’s customer-centric approach, acknowledging their importance. You can structure it as follows:

“Dear Amazon Team,

I am writing this suspension letter about my seller account under the name (Account name). I acknowledge the errors I’ve made and fully appreciate Amazon’s unwavering commitment to serving its valued customers with the highest standards of service.”

2. Clearly Identify the Suspension Issue

Following the introduction, clearly state the reason for your suspension without blaming Amazon. Take full responsibility for your actions. If multiple issues contributed to your account’s suspension, address each in separate letters.

Common suspension reasons include:

  • Negative feedback
  • Late shipment rate
  • Order defect rate (ODR)
  • Selling prohibited or restricted products
  • Trademark infringement

Keep your communication focused on resolving these issues.

Note: Address each reason separately in individual letters for clarity and effectiveness.

3. Describe Remedial Actions Taken Post-Suspension

Following the explanation of the issue’s root cause, outline the steps and strategies you’ve implemented since the suspension to prevent future occurrences.

Include the necessary supporting evidence to demonstrate your commitment to rectifying the situation. Amazon will review this evidence, and upon verification, your account will be reinstated after a specified period.

4. Develop a Comprehensive Plan of Action

This step holds paramount importance within your appeal letter. Here, you outline your plan of action, assuring Amazon that the issue won’t recur.

Be explicit about the actions you’ll take post-account reinstatement. For instance, if your account was suspended due to a high Order Defect Rate (ODR), address these key questions:

  • Identify the most common defect.
  • Explain the reason behind these defects.
  • Outline your strategy to rectify and prevent these defects.

Utilize clear and straightforward language to ensure Amazon comprehends your plan, as any ambiguity may lead to the rejection of your appeal.

5. Conclude with a Persuasive Closing Statement

Conclude your appeal by succinctly acknowledging your mistakes without offering excuses. Humbly request the reinstatement of your account. Express your commitment to adhering to Amazon’s policies and serving its customers diligently in the future.

6. Thoroughly Review and Submit Your Appeal Letter

Once you’ve crafted your appeal letter:

  • Thoroughly Proofread: Carefully review your letter to ensure no crucial details are overlooked, guaranteeing the appeal’s completeness and accuracy.
  • Edit as Needed: Make any necessary corrections to enhance the clarity and persuasiveness of your Amazon reinstatement letter.
  • Submit Your Appeal: After meticulous review and editing, confidently submit your well-prepared appeal letter.

Following the submission, exercise patience while awaiting a response from Amazon.

7. Acknowledge Amazon’s Valued Customers

To create a convincing Amazon appeal, make their customers your main focus. Show your commitment to meeting their service standards and take full responsibility for any shortcomings.

Present proactive solutions that align with Amazon’s customer-centric approach. You’re more likely to receive a positive response by emphasizing your dedication to customer satisfaction.

8. Formatting Matters: Pay Attention to Details

Factual clarity is paramount in an Amazon Seller suspension appeal. After gathering essential information, write your letter with clear and organized formatting. Well-structured content aids the Seller Performance team’s comprehension and emphasizes crucial points with proper spacing.

9. Provide In-Depth Information in Your Amazon Appeal

Amazon’s Seller Performance Team often seeks sellers’ specific Plan of Action. Detailed and well-researched plans are key. Before composing your appeal:

  • Research Similar Cases: Investigate how others have handled your issue, noting their Plan of Action to avoid recurring violations.
  • Plan Your Strategy: Determine your proactive approach to address the problem effectively.
  • Incorporate Your Plan of Action: Include this meticulously crafted Plan of Action in your appeal letter to increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Thoroughness and precision can significantly enhance your appeal’s chances of success.

10. Timeliness is Key: Submit Your Appeal Promptly

Time is of the essence when dealing with an Amazon suspension or ban. Amazon places a high value on prompt action from its sellers, and the most effective approach is to submit your appeal as swiftly as possible. Demonstrating your urgency underscores your commitment to resolving the issue promptly and aligning with Amazon’s expectations for responsible seller behavior.

Additional Tips on Writing a Successful Amazon Appeal Letter

With 2.3 million active sellers on Amazon, your appeal letter must stand out when you submit it. Here’s how:

  • Clarity is Key: Keep your letter simple and easy to understand. Prioritize conveying facts clearly over intricate language. Maintain proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Effective Formatting: Avoid long, dense paragraphs. Instead, use simple sentences supported by bullet points. This ensures brevity and clarity in delivering your message.
  • Craft a Clear and Concise Message: Ensure your appeal letter is brief and straightforward, clear of unnecessary details or digressions.
  • Employ Bullet Points for Clarity: Enhance the readability of your letter by incorporating bullet points, making key information stand out and easy to grasp.
  • Emphasize Action Over Excuses: Shift your focus towards showcasing the proactive measures you’ve taken to address the issue rather than dwelling on excuses.
  • Commit Realistically and Deliver on Promises: When making commitments, be realistic and only promise what you can deliver, avoiding overpromising or making unattainable commitments.

Remember that your appeal letter aims to persuade Amazon to reinstate your account or product listing. Adhering to these tips and guidelines enhances the likelihood of a successful appeal.

Sample Amazon Appeal Letter Templates

Amazon Suspended Account Appeal Letter Templates

Below, we outline the types of templates you can find and their respective advantages and drawbacks:

1. Free Templates

Free Amazon appeal letter templates are readily accessible online and can serve as a helpful starting point for structuring your appeal. However, exercise caution when using them, as they may not align perfectly with your unique situation.

2. Paid Templates

Some companies offer reasonably priced Amazon appeal letter templates that encompass over 40 high-quality samples tailored to address common issues resulting in account suspensions.

3. Custom Templates

For those willing to invest in a personalized approach, consider working with a professional writer to create a custom Amazon suspension appeal letter. While this option can be expensive, it proves worthwhile when facing a severe suspension that jeopardizes your Amazon account.

Provide relevant details and evidence to bolster your appeal’s effectiveness. Here’s an exemplary Amazon appeal letter:

Dear Amazon Team,

I am writing to appeal my account suspension. I acknowledge the reason for the suspension and wish to provide additional information supporting my appeal. [Include evidence such as screenshots of changes made to your product listing or customer feedback demonstrating issue resolution.]

I remain committed to adhering to Amazon’s policies and rules, taking proactive measures to ensure my business practices align with these guidelines. I eagerly seek the opportunity to continue selling on the platform and am open to collaborating with Amazon to ensure future compliance.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]

Amazon Appeal Letter Example

Here’s an Amazon Appeal Letter example:

Dear Amazon USA Product Quality Team,

I am appealing the removal of my listing with ASIN (xxxxxx) due to “Used Sold As New” Customer Product Condition Complaints. I understand the gravity of product quality concerns and would like to present my Plan of Action to rectify the issue.

Cause of Complaints:

  • After a thorough account review, I identified the complaints stemming from inadequate product descriptions and packaging.
  • The product page inaccurately displayed extra accessories not included in the sale, and the description lacked clarity.
  • Insufficient protective packaging for the product (name of products) resulted in transit damage.
  • FBA customer returns were mistakenly reintroduced into sellable inventory.

Actions Taken:

  • Authorized all return requests for ASIN (xxxxxx), inspecting and refunding buyers.
  • Discarded damaged packaging units from remaining ASIN (xxxxxx) inventory.
  • Enhanced packaging with bubble wrap and transparent bags to safeguard against transit damage.
  • Corrected inaccurate product page information (Case ID: insert case ID).
  • Implemented seal-break stickers for FBA inventory to prevent future “used-sold-as-new” issues.

Preventative Measures:

  • Source inventory exclusively from reputable local suppliers.
  • Conduct regular item condition checks to ensure perfect quality upon delivery.
  • Implement secure packaging practices to prevent transit damage.

I believe my Plan of Action comprehensively addresses the issue, and I eagerly anticipate the reinstatement of my account.


[Your Store Name]

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Amazon Appeal Letter

When appealing an Amazon suspension, steer clear of these common pitfalls:

1. Utilizing a Generic Appeal Letter

Amazon expects a tailored approach. Avoid generic appeal letters that fail to address your specific suspension issue. Personalize your appeal and back it up with supporting evidence.

2. Neglecting Amazon’s Policies and Rules

Sellers with a history of policy violations risk appeal rejections. Thoroughly review Amazon’s guidelines and prioritize compliance to maintain a clean record.

3. Omitting a Clear Plan of Action

Words alone won’t sway Amazon. Provide a comprehensive plan of action (POA) with concrete details. Strengthen your POA with compelling evidence to demonstrate your commitment to rectifying mistakes.

Avoiding these mistakes will significantly enhance your chances of successfully appealing an Amazon suspension.

Tips On How to Write Your Plan of Action (POA) Appeal Letter

Tips On How to Write Your Plan of Action (POA) Appeal Letter

Receiving a notice about your listing being deactivated or suspended is crucial, and your POA appeal letter should be constructed with these key considerations in mind:

  • Concise Sections: Organize your letter into clear and concise sections. Avoid essay-style writing.
  • Bullet Points and Numerical Steps: Utilize bullet points and numerical steps to present your information in a structured and easily digestible format.
  • Directness: Maintain a straightforward approach. Refrain from providing lengthy explanations or justifications.
  • Brevity: Keep your appeal letter brief and to the point, avoiding unnecessary elaboration.
  • Action-Oriented: Clearly outline the steps you have already taken to address the issue.
  • Preventative Measures: Specify the actions you intend to take to prevent a recurrence of the issue.
  • Past and Future Tenses: Articulate your efforts in both past and future tenses, detailing what has been accomplished and what will be undertaken.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can craft an effective POA appeal letter that briefly addresses the situation and presents your plan for resolution and prevention.

Amazon Plan of Action Template

This POA template is designed to address a “sold used as new” complaint and can be customized to suit your specific situation.

Issue(s) that Led to the Complaints:

A customer reported receiving a product in a used condition for ASIN B01JDUEK242. Customers purchasing B01JDUEK242 have raised concerns about items appearing to be used.

Actions Taken to Resolve the Issue(s):

  • We thoroughly reviewed customer reviews, feedback, and return reasons to gain insights into the nature of the complaint.
  • We conducted a comprehensive analysis of our account history and shipments to pinpoint the root cause of the complaint.
  • We closely inspected our product listing and associated images for any ambiguities or discrepancies that may not align with Amazon’s guidelines and customer expectations.
  • Upon receiving the request, we promptly closed the listing in question.
  • To ensure product quality, we initiated a recall of all inventories for physical inspection.
  • Our team conducted a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process at our facility to verify the condition of the inventory.
  • We formally requested an inventory bin check from Amazon to cross-verify our findings.
  • We contacted the manufacturer to confirm the product’s condition at the time of purchase and to validate its authenticity.

Steps Taken to Prevent Future Complaints:

  • We’ve thoroughly reviewed all items in our inventory to ensure that each product is in its original packaging and is properly packed to prevent any damage during shipping.
  • We are upgrading our shipping materials to ensure enhanced product protection during transit.
  • All returned items will undergo a meticulous reinspection process to verify their condition and identify any potential issues related to shipping or product condition.
  • We have comprehensively reviewed product condition complaints throughout our company.
  • Our team will undergo retraining to guarantee that all items are packed and shipped in the best and safest condition possible.
  • We’ve documented our improved processes for training purposes within our organization.

Sourcing and Other Information:

  • Sourcing: Yes, we source the product from a trusted supplier that exclusively sells items in new condition. We have contacted the supplier to confirm this.
  • Listing: Yes, the product listing has been updated to eliminate any potential misunderstandings about the product’s condition.
  • Packaging: Yes, the product is stored in its original manufacturer packaging as specified on Amazon.
  • Shipping: Yes, we’ve implemented additional steps and quality checks to ensure that products are stored, packed, and shipped appropriately to prevent damage during transit. We have also upgraded our shipping materials for added strength and safety.
  • Review of Communications and Feedback: Yes, we have reviewed buyer feedback and communication to better understand the issues.

Attached is the Manufacturer’s Invoice as Proof.

Supplier Information:

P.O. BOX 12115
(123) 456-7890

Buyer Information:

[Your Company Name]
[Your Address and Phone]

Item Descriptions:

  • Product: RAY BARRS XXXL (ASIN: B01JDUEK242)
  • Invoice Dates: August 18th, 2023, and September 8th, 2023.


[Your Name on File]

[Your Main Amazon Seller Central Email]

[Your Phone]

Seller Appeal - Amazon Seller Reinstatement Services

Regain Control of Your Amazon Presence and Get Back to Selling

Writing an appeal letter to Amazon may seem daunting, but it’s a critical skill for any seller on the platform. Remember, Amazon values transparency, responsibility, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Approach the process with professionalism, and you increase your chances of successfully reinstating your account or listings. Our team at SellerAppeal is here to assist you in crafting effective appeal letters, optimizing your listings, and navigating the complexities of the Amazon marketplace. Contact us today and learn more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Writing Appeal Letters to Amazon

1. How do I write an Amazon appeal letter?

If you’ve received a suspension letter from Amazon, stay calm. To get your account reinstated, pinpoint what you did wrong. Make a plan to avoid this in the future, edit your letter accordingly, and send a convincing Amazon seller suspension appeal.

2. Where should I submit my Amazon appeal letter?

After writing your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Seller Center’s “Performance” section.
  • Choose “Performance Notifications.”
  • Find your suspension notice and click “Appeal.”
  • Select “Appeal Decision” and fill out the form with your Plan of Action and contact number.
  • Click “Submit appeal,” and it will be sent to Seller Performance for review.

3. What is the typical duration of an Amazon suspension?

Amazon suspensions can vary in duration. For account and IP or Regulation violations, suspensions are typically permanent unless successfully appealed. However, for Policy violations, the violation is usually removed after about 180 days.

4. How long does Amazon retain your funds during a suspension?

Amazon retains funds for 90 days during an account suspension. After this period, you can request a funds disbursement if you don’t appeal or if your appeal is unsuccessful.

However, Amazon will conduct an investigation, and if they find policy violations, they may withhold some or all funds. Listing suspensions typically don’t involve fund holds.

5. What methods can I use to collect evidence to bolster my appeal letter?

Collect order records, invoices, and communication history.

6. What steps should I take if Amazon declines my appeal?

Consider seeking professional seller appeal assistance or revising your appeal with new evidence.


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