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With our in-depth knowledge of Amazon policies and procedures, we’ll help you navigate the Amazon ASIN reinstatement process quickly and effectively.

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As an Amazon seller, you know that ASIN suspension can disrupt your sales and cost you money, causing you stress and frustration. That’s why SellerAppeal by Or Shamosh is here to help.

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What is ASIN suspension and why does it happen?

If a specific product listing violates Amazon’s terms of service, it may be suspended, which is known as an ASIN suspension. Some common reasons for an ASIN suspension include the following:

Copyright, Patent or
Trademark Infringement

Customer Complaints

Duplicate Listings

Restricted Products

Prohibited Product Claims

Inauthentic Concerns

Need help navigating your ASIN suspension? Get in touch and let us help you reinstate your account no matter the reason.

Let Our Experts Help You Overcome Your Amazon Listing Suspension Roadblocks!

Receiving an ASIN suspension notification can be a stressful experience for any seller. You must take the right actions to resolve the issue and reinstate your ASIN immediately.
We truly understand this matter, and that’s why SellerAppeal is here to guide you through every step of the process, from analyzing the suspension reasons to creating a customized plan of action and communicating with Amazon on your behalf.

Understanding the Common Reasons Behind ASIN Suspensions

Our Amazon ASIN Reinstatement Services

As an Amazon seller, it’s best to understand the reason behind ASIN suspensions to avoid them from happening in the future. Most listing suspensions can be attributed to a handful of common issues:

Counterfeit Products​

Our reinstatement services help sellers ensure their products are authentic, protecting their brand reputation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Defective Products

We can assist you in reinstating ASINs that have been suspended due to defective product complaints.

Intellectual Property Issues

We can assist sellers in resolving copyright, trademark, and patent infringement issues, ensure they comply with Amazon’s policies, and avoid legal complications.

Duplicate ASIN Creation

ASIN suspension can occur due to a common mistake of creating a duplicate ASIN for an existing product.

Expired Products

When a product expires, it can no longer be listed for sale on Amazon. Violating this crucial policy may result in an ASIN suspension and serious punishments.

Customer Complaints

An ASIN suspension can also be a consequence of customers complaining due to fake products, counterfeit items, or misrepresentations. To avoid this outcome and protect your business integrity, you must ensure that all merchandise is genuine and accurately portrayed.

Safety Concerns

Failing to abide by safety protocols and producing hazardous products can result in ASIN suspension. Consequently, all goods must adhere to the highest quality assurance standards and be safe for consumers.

Retake Control of Your Amazon Business with SellerAppeal

Let us take the hassle out of Amazon listing reinstatement. With our in-depth knowledge and insights, we can help you get your suspended ASINs reinstated quickly and reliably.

How Important are ASINs for Your Amazon Business?

An active and optimized ASIN increases visibility, improves sales, and enhances customer trust. An optimized ASIN can help sellers attract more customers by making their products easier to find and appear higher in search results.

On the other hand, ASIN suspension can hurt a seller’s business through:

Loss of Sales Damage to Reputation  Potential Account Suspension 

When an ASIN is suspended, the product becomes inactive and cannot be sold on Amazon until the issue is resolved. Furthermore, if an ASIN suspension is not resolved promptly or a seller repeatedly violates Amazon’s policies, it can lead to account suspension, which can be devastating for any Amazon business.

How to Deal with Suspended Amazon Listings?

Here are steps on how to deal with suspended Amazon listings:

Identifying the Reason for the Suspension

Sellers should carefully go over the Amazon notification and figure out what went wrong to cause the suspension.

Addressing the Issue

This may involve correcting product information, removing prohibited content, or addressing customer complaints. Sellers should also prevent future suspensions by ensuring that their listings comply with Amazon's policies.

Appealing the Suspension

The appeal should include a detailed Plan of Action (POA) to address the issue and prevent future suspensions. You must be patient and persistent during the appeal process, as getting a listing reinstated can take several attempts.

Working with Amazon ASIN Reinstatement Experts

This is a viable option for sellers struggling to get their listings reinstated. These experts specialize in helping sellers resolve ASIN suspension issues and can guide the appeals process and advise on preventing future suspensions.

At SellerAppeal, you don’t have to face the daunting task of dealing with suspended Amazon listings alone. Let our Amazon ASIN reinstatement experts guide you through the process and help prevent future suspensions.

How Our Experts Can Help You Reinstate Your Suspended ASINs

SellerAppeal can help you navigate the complex appeal process and keep your Amazon seller ASINs optimized and active for a successful Amazon business. We are committed to leading every step of this important journey with you!


Our experts provide personalized consultation to identify the root cause of your problem.

Plan Development

Our team will work with you to develop a plan that includes steps to fix the problem and prevent future suspensions, ensuring that you can continue selling on Amazon with confidence.

Appeal Writing

Our experienced team of professionals write optimized appeals to maximize the chances of reinstatement.


Once the appeal is submitted, we monitor the progress and provide ongoing support.

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Why Choose SellerAppeal by Or Shamosh?

You can access our deep expertise and insights when you choose us for your Amazon ASIN reinstatement.


We specialize in Amazon listing reinstatement and have a proven track record of successfully reinstating suspended ASINs across various categories.

Tailor-made Approach

Our in-depth understanding of Amazon’s policies and procedures allows us to create appeals that maximize your chances of reinstating your ASIN.

Fast and reliable service

We understand the importance of time when it comes to reinstating your ASIN. That’s why we offer fast and reliable service, working diligently to reinstate your ASIN as quickly as possible.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support throughout the appeal process, from consultation and plan development to follow-up.

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Amazon Reinstatement Services FAQs

If your Amazon ASIN is suspended, you must determine whether it’s due to performance-based metrics or violating Amazon’s selling policies. After the root cause has been found, thoroughly research it, take action to fix the problem, and put a strategy in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

In your appeal, demonstrate that you understand the reason for the suspension and outline the steps you’ve already taken and will continue to take to address the problem. Keep your appeal concise, use bullet points, avoid making excuses, and be realistic.

It will typically take 3-5 business days and begins with an assessment to determine the root cause of the suspension. Throughout the process, we provide ongoing support until your appeal is accepted.

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