FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

On average, it will take Amazon around seven days to respond and accept our appeal.
Our fastest case, though, was reinstated in 34 minutes!

All we need is Amazon’s suspension letter.
From there, we will start the research and will write the Plan of Action or the appeal.
If needed, we will get back to you and ask for further required information.

Yes, in some cases – “Used Item Sold as New,” “Order Defect Rate,” “Late Shipment Rate,” or similar suspensions that involves customer complaints.
In most cases, though, it is not required.

We understand how urgent these issues are. We were Amazon sellers once, as well.
When our Amazon account got suspended – we stopped everything to deal with this.
When we deal with your case – we will stop everything, and take care of it!
While we promise the appeal will be ready within three business days, we usually finish much faster.
In urgent cases, we can offer to get you the appeal in 24 hours.

After researching your case, we will be able to estimate success rates.
Our current success rate stands at 98%.

Most of the cases don’t require legal work.
We got our Amazon policy experts to investigate and write your appeal.
For regulation suspensions, we got our top-quality regulation experts, to properly research on the matter.
And of course, for law issues, we established our legal team, who professionally deals with all the legal problems, following Amazon’s requirements.

Appealing on a suspension is a process.
Our service includes all needed follow-ups, as well a complete revision of the appeal if needed.

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